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Im a colorist, I color sketches/linework/animation ect.
Requests only sexual flavors.
Working on indie title on & off.
Wanna collab? Im down to work with other artists. Feel free to slap me up.

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Posted by SeductiveSquid - January 26th, 2021

Sorry parts of my family has gotten covid from work. So ive been going to work and after I been taking care of them. So Ive had no free time as of late.

Updates soon I hope


Posted by SeductiveSquid - July 26th, 2020

Stream: https://picarto.tv/SeductiveSquid

Please follow these rules, failing to do so will result in getting nothing.

Requests only for people who are currently in stream.

Requests Only for people who currently Follow the twitter or Newgrounds.

How to receive a request. :)

⦁ When I am done with what I am doing on stream I will take five minutes to get DM's of your request via newgrounds or Twitter

⦁ Only one or 2 requests will be done. If I am tired I will finish the request next time I stream.

What I am NOT Doing.

This is not a drawing request stream., These are color requests. Meaning you send me sketches from anyone in the art community and I will color the sketch or linework. (failing to do so will be blocked) and sent to hell.

types of sketches I wont do.

1.Sketches that have a very dark background

2 Rough sketches that are too unrefined.

3. drawings on paper

Fetishes are a NO

  • Futa
  • hyper muscle and other body parts
  • gay
  • religion/ gender/ or political heavy
  • Poops, peepee, Vore/ feet or any other bottom tier fetish.
  • multiple characters ( cuz that at times is way too much work) sory (but ask anyway I might say yes)


Things I Can Do.

Anything with a white and sometimes a grey background, all limbs are detailed enough, Honestly just feel free to ask if your not sure.

things I will do. 


)Violence(Gore) depends must review)

OC's /

Big Boobies, big Booties, THICC



Posted by SeductiveSquid - April 18th, 2020

I can see that the comics are pretty popular with the 18+ teens whipper snappers , Im really glad to see that. seems to be better here then on twitter for whatever reason. but whatever.

thanks again for the support. peeops.

I dont have anyway to support me. But I may be doing color commissions soon so at the very least stay open for that. Laters


Posted by SeductiveSquid - March 3rd, 2020

Copy/ pasta of twitter post

Hey im coming back. My dog ass failed at the thing I was trying to do. SO fug it. I might go back to it later though.

By the end of March Im quiting my job. and gunna do some school. In that time Ima going to do commissions. Finally. regualer posting of art will cont next week.

Posted by SeductiveSquid - February 5th, 2020

Hello, So this is a long time coming. I've been doing this coloring lewds thing since 2016 or so. And as fun as it was I need to stop for a while this year. Commissions wont happen even though I got the sheet,.

  1. My window to work on my passion projects is continuously being pushed because of this hobby and my window of opportunity is getting smaller the more I procrastinate.
  2. I just don't feel like Im getting better with my craft at this point. I feel like my style has gone stale and I've at this point become very unhappy with my work. It all feels the same and I want to advance my work.
  3. Lewds and pornography has been getting boring for me. I feel like I may finally be growing out of it but the material I loved has just gotten boring as well.
  4. Art as a whole is just bland to me nowadays and Im not sure why. I wont quit for good but I just lost all motivation at this point.
  5. Family life is getting worse and worse from cousins to my main house hold. I'd argue it might be a small cause for my departure but there is a lot of heavy drama that is too personal to bring up
  6. The Title "Colorist" is slowly becoming more of an insult to me than a rewarding feeling nowadays. I don't take pride in it anymore and makes me feel like only "half an artist"
  7. Had a recent falling out with a friend and it really put me into a bad state of mind. Been friends for years and because more things that get in the way I've more or less have been forgotten and Im kinda back to square one when it comes to my pool of friends.
  8. At this point I have nothing to show for and I want to change that. so until further notice this is my good bye from any new things from me.

Lil note: I will most likely be posting my archive but thats about it. I know that kinda goes against everything I just brought up but its more of a dumb update on whats going on with life atm. Cya around and it was fun while it lasted.



Posted by SeductiveSquid - July 19th, 2019

Just want to say thank you for all the new followers, this is a big moment in my hooby as a "Colorist." The lowest of art forms.

I just want to warm you new dudes that I mainly do NSFW work. Furries/ Humans/ Poke/ MLP

HOWEVER Im mostly very tame with what I work on. I am very vanilla I and tend to stay away from medium to nasty ass Fetishes. So if you like tame r34 to just sexy ladies of varies degree's than feel free to stick around.

But if you dont like titties and all. Well you been warned.

I also do Request (Color Requests Only) every now and then. And May be open Every other month. I will post a link to where you can enter when Im ready to get back to it.iu_40834_7195907.jpg

Posted by SeductiveSquid - February 4th, 2019

Im doing color Requests till Feb, all rules are on the baord, if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Its been lmost a full year since I last did this. Im nervus, being 4chan and all