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Im a NSFW colorist,
animation ect.
Requests only sexual flavors.
Working on indie title on & off
Wanna collab? Im down. Feel free to slap me up.

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SeductiveSquid's News

Posted by SeductiveSquid - 6 days ago

live stream finally gunna do more with what free time i got



Posted by SeductiveSquid - September 13th, 2021


Posted by SeductiveSquid - September 8th, 2021

Hey peeps sorry for being very slow with new stuff.

Aside from retouching older things I worked on and posting them to basically make this my archive place. I really havent been working on new stuff.

yes a ref sheet and OC stuff but nothing really new as of late that I can post.

As of late Ive been brainstorming on easy concepts I wanna make into games and maybe pitch some to the newgrounds discord. but my drive to do anything other than my job has really been down. nsfw kinda feeling boring again. Like im growing out of it.

anyway yeah so thas just a news update from me. thanks for reading. I will try to do more stuff but havnet found anything to get me motivated for art yet.

Posted by SeductiveSquid - July 24th, 2021

Back in 2016 I started to use a software called "Depthy"

You create a shadow light and dark and basically it will wiggle the picture.

Ima start posting them in a "posts" rather than have them in my Art portal, because I don't think they are good enough to be posted in my Main gallery.

I am treating Newgrounds as my main hub but also as my Archive. so if you want low quality tweened gifs Ima start just putting them here.





Posted by SeductiveSquid - July 19th, 2021

Hey real question, so I found an old lil animation I did back in 2016 of the princess horse but its uh not human anatomy.

I realize I haven't really posting anything non vanilla, and this is kinda reaching e621 vibes.

Not sure if you peeps would be cool with Ponuts and horse pussy.

Im wondering if yall would be fine with me posting it?



Posted by SeductiveSquid - June 16th, 2021

SO im thinking of coloring at least the first chapter of the comic however Im not sure which to color

Old ver left

New ver right

which do you guys prefer I color in terms of version to start first

the first frisk is younger looking but the toriel is better looking however I like the style better of the bottom or 2nd example

I want to get ur guys opinion


version 2



Posted by SeductiveSquid - June 2nd, 2021

Sorry I havent posted in a while.

Life stuff been getting crazy again. I'll be streaming this Sat and posting again soon.

not much else. Work hours will be changing soon. and trying to buy a used car stuff. fun I guess


Posted by SeductiveSquid - May 23rd, 2021


Posted by SeductiveSquid - January 26th, 2021

Sorry parts of my family has gotten covid from work. So ive been going to work and after I been taking care of them. So Ive had no free time as of late.

Updates soon I hope


Posted by SeductiveSquid - July 26th, 2020

Stream: https://picarto.tv/SeductiveSquid

Please follow these rules, failing to do so will result in getting nothing.

Requests only for people who are currently in stream.

Requests Only for people who currently Follow the twitter or Newgrounds.

How to receive a request. :)

⦁ When I am done with what I am doing on stream I will take five minutes to get DM's of your request via newgrounds or Twitter

⦁ Only one or 2 requests will be done. If I am tired I will finish the request next time I stream.

What I am NOT Doing.

This is not a drawing request stream., These are color requests. Meaning you send me sketches from anyone in the art community and I will color the sketch or linework. (failing to do so will be blocked) and sent to hell.

types of sketches I wont do.

1.Sketches that have a very dark background

2 Rough sketches that are too unrefined.

3. drawings on paper

Fetishes are a NO

  • Futa
  • hyper muscle and other body parts
  • gay
  • religion/ gender/ or political heavy
  • Poops, peepee, Vore/ feet or any other bottom tier fetish.
  • multiple characters ( cuz that at times is way too much work) sory (but ask anyway I might say yes)


Things I Can Do.

Anything with a white and sometimes a grey background, all limbs are detailed enough, Honestly just feel free to ask if your not sure.

things I will do. 


)Violence(Gore) depends must review)

OC's /

Big Boobies, big Booties, THICC